Q1191. Do I have to forget him? 


More than half a year ago I got to know my twin love via the internet, purely by chance, playing a game came across each other’s path, we both had the same feeling that we had never had before. Because we are both married, we don’t want to start anything at the moment. We have never seen each other in photos and called. We talked for days with each other through chat and we knew that we were the one. But because we are both married, we don’t want our families to do anything about it, especially the kids. We no longer have any contact at all, but I am so sad I am so defeated that I don’t know myself. I am someone who has a positive attitude in life and always smiles but I don’t recognize much of myself in return. Should I just forget about him and see if we can get together in a few years? What is your advice? Because I miss him terribly.

Answer 1
In my opinion, the twinflame label is attached to a normal crush or infatuation far too soon. You meet a soul’s love in real life, not through a game on the internet. You see each other in person and then you know it. So I think this is a normal crush and that you have to think carefully about whether you should do something about it in view of the fact that you are both married …

Well, I also got to know him through a games site and he really is. But we have seen each other many times, but whether that makes a difference? (Unknown)

Answer 2
My opinion: If you also come into each other’s astral or dreams then you do not have a soul love or twinflame otherwise.

Answer 3
I don’t think it matters if you have seen each other or not, it is that feeling that you have never felt in someone else. We were both right when we started talking to each other through chat, thinking and saying the same thing. And really felt apart when something was going on. So I don’t think it matters. Whether you have seen each other or not. But that does not diminish the sadness.

Answer 4
It is logical that someone thinks that your soul love cannot get to know through the internet, if it has not experienced the same thing. Your feeling is your feeling. No one can place yourself in your feeling better than you. Look deep into your heart. What exactly do you miss in him that you don’t have at home? Can you make what you miss in him a reality in your life? What does the farewell do to you? Why does farewell affect your life? Can you learn to live with the feeling that each of your loved ones can leave in any moment? What do you do when you think every moment can be the last moment for me or the end of a dear friendship? What do you focus on at the end and not the spark? Look at yourself with a very open heart and without shame without feeling guilty. Find it all in yourself and not outside yourself and you will see how more beautiful and expensive it becomes for you and your environment and you will be happier than ever! Strength.

Answer 5
My opinion: Pulling off a shedding simply means. I love you but .. I love you but only has 1 meaning: I still hate you. True love means no more no less: I love you because it is you and because you are always a part of myself. Beauty only sees beauty in everything and only has gratitude for everything.

Answer 6
If you meet him or her, then you actually already know the answer. If there are supernatural things between you, then you already know the answer.