Q1182. Emotional roller coaster?


I met my soulmate last year. A lot has changed for me since then. I find the emotional rollercaster very heavy. we both have a relationship and that makes it extra difficult. I can talk about it well with my partner, he less. sometimes I doubt whether he is my twinflame because he says ‘to understand’ but not to ‘feel’, while I love him ‘dearly’. he feels at home with us, has the feeling that he has been coming here for years, etc., but loving does not come across his lips. I would really like to share with him, which works in part, but also not in part. Could it be that he finds it difficult to show his feelings? and how should I deal with this? why does he not experience what I experience? I would think if you meet each other then you are both spiritually ready to start this encounter! Thank you for your response