Q1177. Let go or fight for it?


I have had a relationship with my Soulmate for several months. From the first moment the contact was pure, intense and trusted. It feels like we are mirrors for each other. Just before we had a relationship, my girlfriend had some serious setbacks. Including the loss of a parent through suicide. Yet our relationship was very nice and strong until it recently became very different. After the last setback, my girlfriend indicated that it looked like a button had gone and could not feel anything anymore. Now the contact is completely withdrawn without any explanation. I now feel incredibly empty and sad. Especially since it sometimes comes out of nowhere like an intense sadness, that does not seem to come from me completely. Does anyone recognize this situation? Any tips?

Answer 1
My idea is: fight for it. It is not nothing she has experienced and try to give her time to process what she may never have expected. A parent who commits suicide gives the children a lot to think, perhaps she thinks she has failed. Give her a chance, Love is: there is also when someone else has a hard time.