Q1174. Multiple soul loves? How do you deal with it?


How do you deal with the other soulmates of your soulmate? Do you accept them, do you feel them energetically, do you also send them love? Do you also feel connected to them? Are you angry if they have something with your soulmate or do you accept that everything has its place and time? Do you approach them rationally, do you also treat them with unconditional love or do you find your band only interesting?

Answer 1
Pfff … .. I sometimes have a problem with that. Sometimes I have felt jealousy, I usually try to produce love for it, but it is not always easy for me. Such a soulmate is very close and sometimes comes very CLOSE. Eg sex is not acceptable.

Answer 2
Yes, all nice and kind, but my tz calls everyone a soulmate. He thinks cheating is the most normal thing to do, so to generate love for it.

Answer 3
Through the love of the soul I try to approach everyone in a neutral way and above all to judge as little as possible / to interfere. t is often about my own thoughts. If someone is bothering me in any way, (I don’t think sex with my twin is necessary.), I let go of that person, who has to learn his lessons in that regard. I judge as little as possible because with soul love sometimes quite a few energies mix with each other which has to do with egos, not with love, that is life. If someone feels bad, it may also be that they feel sick, then I leave that person lovingly in peace. I approach the people who share my (soul) love energy with unconditional love. People I don’t know, I try to attach them safely if that matters. Above all I leave the people alone in love.

Answer 4
I think you can only have a soul love or twinflame. The others fall under soulmates and you can have more. If it is true soul love, there will probably be little need for another.

Answer 5
@ 4, correct, you can only have 1 twinflame but more than one soulmate or soulmate. I myself am married to a soulmate and I also have a twinflame, I know since 3 years that he is. And I must honestly say that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to maintain a sexual relationship with my own partner because my twinflame is always in my mind and heart forever. By now it feels like cheating when I go to bed with my husband and I can’t really give myself anymore either. Very difficult and to. I do, but sometimes I consciously close myself in advance to my twinflame. I’m not sure how to proceed. My husband doesn’t deserve this either of course.