Q1164. So much sadness?


Last week the contact was definitively broken. I couldn’t handle the superficial contact. I felt his love for me, but could not stand that he did not put an end to his relationship, in which he did not find what he was looking for. Things are really going bad at the moment. I am constantly feeling homesick and can burst into tears. I feel lonely and wish I had never met him, because that had saved me so much sadness. I have undergone tremendous development and really enjoyed life again since we met. Now that the contact has been broken, I have doubts about the choices I make in my life and I am very uncertain about myself. I am totally not myself anymore. I’m really looking for advice and support, because I really can’t get out of it myself. What is this feeling?

Answer 1
I also know that nostalgia very well and that goes better one time than the other. Especially when he appears in my dreams there is first a happy feeling and then the sadness, because I don’t see my twinflame in real life and my message was not answered either. All this makes you feel homesick because you feel that you belong there. I know it is also important to stand on your own two feet and to be able to trust yourself. It is also difficult because your life is on hold (which does not belong) to others who are looking for a rapprochement but where you are not in love and this is the feeling. I also do not know what is best, trust your inner knowing or see it as an illusion and try to close you ..

Answer 2
It breaks my heart to read this, because I realize that my twinflame is going through the same sorrow. Here I am the one who has a relationship (in which I am happy, incidentally) but also feels love for twinflames. I can only give you this: it is not your time yet, and that time will come. Mild consolation perhaps, but allow yourself to live through your grief now, cry for it and then try to let it go slowly knowing that the bond with your twinflame can never be broken. Then continue with your life and take the opportunities that arise. There are several soulmates (which is different from a twinflame) with whom you can also have a nice earthly relationship. Love.

Answer 3
On March 9 there is a soul love day especially for people who experience soul love. Just look above the orange ‘invitations’ bar. Possibly something for you to go there. (Unknown)