Q1162. After death?


I recently discovered who my twinflame is, but unfortunately she has already left the earth world three and a half years ago by suicide. Can this really be so? Are there more people who have this experience? So I missed her here on earth! She has already visited me three times in the astral, so I now also know where I took the wrong turn, so we missed each other. I still find it strange and actually want to go to her!

Answer 1
My opinion: Yes you can, there is a lot possible in the astral world.

Answer 2
My opinion: That is certainly possible. As for wanting to go to her; this is a very understandable wish that comes from your love for her, but you will have to give life its own course. If it is your time to go, you will meet again on the other side, and then perhaps in a next life. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy, and also enjoy your astral contact with your twinflame. That is the only correct way. Love, Another twinflame