Q1160. Multiple soul loves?


Could it be that someone has 2 or perhaps more soul loves? I have 2 people with whom I have a deep bond that I cannot ignore. I also have a physical relationship with one and the other more friendly. Both are very important to me. I don’t know what to do to deal with this. It’s so heavy and maybe I should let them both go.

Answer 1
That is certainly possible. Remember that both soulmates have an unconditional love for you – praise yourself happily! -and that they know / experience what you are going through. That is so special about being a soulmate, you even know remotely what is going on with the other person. From that strong bond they probably both already know that they ‘share’ you. you are considering letting go, chances are that they will consider that or at least one of them. Find out for yourself what the release of both means to you. Then start an open conversation with both of them about your feelings and, above all, do not forget your own desires; you could surprise the outcome. If you decide to let go, do it with respect and let the other person know clearly what it has meant for you. If possible, provide a lasting reminder. Hope this helps you.

Answer 2
it may sound loud, but you will have to make one choice, it is not fair to both. you may find something in both that you find very beautiful, and through which you also learn and grow..but “dividing” between 2 people. seems confusing to me … and energetically not responsible towards the people .. do they know that you have a bond with both, and are they both satisfied with the bond you have with them? maybe the “friendly” bond wants more than friendship, and if so … what do you do? … take a good look what it is for you do, and also to the 2 people … it is important to respect each other, and to be able to speak openly about this, so that the other also has one choice ..;) be honest with yourself..see why you both “need” have? .. whether all parties agree with the current band,

Answer 3
I have 3 women with whom I have a good virtual bond. And with some I also have sex.

Answer 4
@ answer 4 If it is you, then you know where to find me. Because I really want to hear these words from you personally.

Thank you for the good answers @ antw 1 and an2. The soul love with whom I am friends knows that I have a great love, but he does not know that I also have another great love. I feel that he would be shocked and not ready. This is because of running away when things get too close. I only know inside that we belong together and that we feel a lot for each other. It can only take a while to express this in a further relationship. Whether I will ever tell, I don’t know and I wonder if I should. The soul love with which I am physically further along, I did not tell about my feelings for someone else. I want to tell that one time, I think he will understand it, maybe he already knows that. I know that I will let go, because I want to continue, I grew a lot thanks to the relationship, but don’t see being together as something forever. Agree that it is not justified energetically, I mean that by heavy. I take the time for myself and have distanced myself from them to think carefully. Thank you for your advice. Lots of love back. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Reply 1 to Comment: Did you not recognize me? I’m t! Immediately knew it was you. Also knew: – that I would meet you an x ​​on this site – knew from the 1st sight that you would always be a part of me – knew that you would distance yourself from me and I knew from you – already knew from that 3rd. I can read you en write + even if you don’t tell me anything. That’s just for me the wonderful, sometimes scary aspect of this soul relationship. Understand that you see me as a ‘runaway’ but you are not mistaken in me. I am stronger and more resilient than you think, I am going through the pain in silence. I will never claim you, I am willing to distance myself from you for your love luck and only ask for your respect for my choices and the fact that I do things my way. Moreover, you can be honest with me – and I sincerely hope that you will also be against your other great loves with thanks to ANSW 2 – because dear darling I often know before you have already spoken .. I hear ( love you. PS In the cold silence I have decided to forgive the mistakes that you can make if you love each other too dearly [So that ENORM brightens up :-)]

Answer 6
I also recognize myself in this question. I have a relationship with a soulmate / soulmate. And there is also my twinflame. I have known both for a long time and have always had feelings for my twinflame. Over the years, they did not become less but only more intense. Strange coincidences began to occur, and through many unmentioned signs, I learned that this man is my twinflame. With my soulmate I apparently had karma to work out, and I also love him very much. But the love for my twinflame is completely different … love, deep love, telepathy, longing for him, knowing each other through and through without telling each other everything. Being able to read and write with the other. And yes, I don’t have that with my regular partner.