Q1157. Hurt?


Why do we keep hurting each other because old fears and traumas arise? how can we change that?

Answer 1
Recognizable. My twinflame is always very distant towards me and especially when other people are present. That hurts. But I see that I often do the same because I don’t want to show anyone that I feel something (much) for him. So we are both guilty of it. How to stop this? By letting go of our fear and just being nice and friendly with each other, regardless of what others think. My new good intention for 2013!

Answer 2
We bear each other’s pain, see, so something beautiful always comes out of it.

Answer 3
My opinion: Hurting each other is because they act out of fears. The “runaway” is often still in fear and knows how to repel the other by bringing out his fears. The “waiting person” becomes aware of his own fears and can end up in negative. Out of negativity the “waiting” then again criticizes the “runaway” negatively, creating a vicious circle: attracting / repelling. It is important that the “waiting person” investigates his / her fears and processes / accepts them. This is a very difficult process due to doubts that keep coming up. Out of self-confidence, the “waiting” gives positive energy to the “runaway”, giving it power to go through its process. In short: convert negative to positive!

Answer 4
@ 3, thank you Alicia, I can do something with this. I think we (tz and I) are both riders in time. I always thought he was the rider and I was the waiting one, but once I looked critically and have to admit that I myself sometimes run away for fear and / or don’t dare to be open. I know exactly where my fears are and I am going to try and get rid of them. I will also try to send my twinflame only positive energy. I’ll keep you up to date.

Answer 5
Thank you Alicia! … this really helps me! … indeed … he brings my fear out of his fear by manipulating it, and putting me up against a mur, so that I end up in a negative spiral and therefore negative thoughts and actions towards him… .t is correct! .I’m going to read this one more time, and tune it to it, .. really thanks!

Answer 6
In Transformation process you are both equally “runaways”, there is nothing wrong with that. You mirror each other very much so that you are reminded of the fears that you still have to process / accept. When your Soul Love repels you it is important to find out what the underlying message is. It is then important to say something back from intuition instead of fear. This blocks the negative spiral and converts it into a positive one. Hopefully I explained the bit clearly. Does not want to type a whole story so that it is read less or not. I hear if it works 

Answer 7
Here too a thank you from you to you Alicia! I am now consciously involved there because you have put down here. Now I have had more rest and a lot of insights, so I got closer to myself. Converting all the negative into the positive, that’s what it’s about. Love to everyone.
(Elselina (butterfly)