Q1147. What do you feel for him / her?


It is impossible to describe what I feel for her, it is so heavenly. The unconditional love is so great for her. I feel a warm glow of love when I am with her. What do you feel

Answer 1
I am never with my twinflame. And when he’s around, I’m so nervous that I don’t hear anything. That I do not hear what I feel at that moment when he is around I mean. Not the first time I met him, but a while later we looked at each other and then I thought; “this is him”. That was confusing for me then in that situation. I also know that I am not at the place where I want to belong, and yes I will have to change that, but that is not so easy. I wish to be able to talk to him sometime, but that may always be a wish.

Answer 2
I no longer feel anything for him, my heart is empty and cold. I also don’t want to feel anything for him anymore, it only hurts and it’s all impossible and unrealistic. In a next life maybe, but now I protect my heart, which I should have done much earlier.

Answer 3
Only energetic I feel something for her, earthly we have no contact unfortunately.

Answer 4
To answer 2: If I understand you correctly, do you choose an empty and cold heart, thereby avoiding examining your pain, rather than examining it? Also in that next life it is still there completely, you better deal with it now if you ask me. Without that, you probably cannot become happy in this life, and that goes with, but also without him.

Answer 5
To answer 4, Arundash, I wrote this at a time when I had completely had it with my twinflame and the love of my soul. It all felt very sad and my heart ached. But I also know that it is impossible for me to walk away from it, and if I do, it will come back just as hard in the next life. I know. And I also know that I am not really happy without him. It is difficult and at the same time so beautiful, because love is just beautiful, it is beautiful. I love him but it is not allowed, yet it is there. And I hope he loves me too (I know the answer in my heart).

Answer 6
What I feel now for my twinflame .. avoiding … pulling and pushing. Being unable to be together … the anger / love … letting go .. the pain …