Q1146. Feel sensations and think of each other?


On the other hand, what do you feel when your soul love thinks of you, then there will be sensations of vibrations through you with me. When I think of her she comes to me very strongly.

Answer 1
I also have that I feel sensations and vibrations, a kind of cold shivers but then pleasant. But I only have that if I think very strongly of my twinflame, and then not always, think that he will then close.

Answer 2
I also feel it when she closes herself or opens up to me. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out to think of each other. I do notice if I have a setback that I do need someone to lean on and then she is often there and different for that too.

Answer 3
If that indeed has to do with the fact that the other person is thinking of you then I am very happy! Then he must think a lot about me, hahaha. These vibrations and sensations belong to me nowadays and I miss it when they are not there for a while, very strange indeed. I can even feel that sometimes when it is too much he cuts the bond between us, I literally spring back as if I am elastic. That just doesn’t work for a very long time, at most a few days. Then I feel it again.