Q1140. How can you make contact with your twinflame if he or she doesn’t want to?


How can you make contact with your twinflame if he doesn’t want to?

Answer 1
Unfortunately, that is not possible. You cannot force anyone, not even your twinflame. Just continue your life and hopefully he will realize that he also wants to be with you. I also have a hard time denying what is between us, so you doubt yourself. A lot of strength trying to find peace in yourself.

Answer 2
By releasing it.

Answer 3
There will come times when the person wants it again, it is a process.

Answer 4
My opinion: That your twinflame does not want to contact you, is because of the fears that have come up. When you contact yourself, he will respond back out of fear. That means that things are said that are not meant. We have to wait for the “runaway” to contact itself again. Do not sit in fear yourself. It has nothing to do with you personally, but only with his fear of what your twinflame must first process. Your twinflame will automatically return to your path. Continue to trust this and follow your own feelings.