Q1124. Why am I not jealous when he is “the one”?


After a short relationship with my twin, we are no longer together for a while. We still have daily contact. He told me yesterday that he fell in love with another girl. I believe this because I have felt a very nasty energy lately, I actually already knew it then. This caused me a lot of sorrow. I thought carefully and decided to ACCEPT, now something strange has happened: I also feel in love and happy. I think this is his energy and I don’t really want to be happy because I still think he belongs to me. Are there people here who have similar experiences? That you feel so different from what you would normally do?

Answer 1
That is because he or she is in you and differently. You experience his feelings and vice versa. Sometimes I get spontaneously happy or excited without doing anything.

Answer 2
Soul love is the highest achievable in the feeling of love and transcends any feelings of jealousy. You stay connected with your soulmate even if you are not physically together.

Answer 3
My opinion: Jealousy is ego and you are stronger than the ego. You accept that you still have to teach him an important lesson with her. You also know that this relationship does not mean anything
 and that it will come back to you as soon as it comes closer to its feeling. Hold this energy!