Q1114. Intense happy feeling?


I have had an intense feeling of happiness within myself. I’ve let her go for a long time. Even so far that I no longer think of her. And if she unexpectedly comes through I get his intense blissful warm feeling flowing through me really not normal. Do you have that too? During work: I work as a cook in a kitchen and I also feel her during my work. The love that flows through me influences my cooking. I see love in everything I am doing. Do you also have that while working?

Answer 1
Yes, that’s how I experience it too. The truth in your heart makes you happy. I design with unique unique sirens.

Answer 2
Yes I have too! and I find it so strange because I have just accepted that he is not around me now. Should I not miss him? Sometimes it is not entirely clear to me what exactly twinflames are. : $ But nevertheless I trust that a good feeling probably also has other positive influences on my life.