Q1113. Soul love or obsessive love?


Sometimes I get the feeling that it’s an obsessive love. I am undergoing a major change, but I have to go through it myself. This would mean soul favorite. Among other things, the growth etc. Still I wonder if it can be an obsession? I sometimes let myself go enormously by expressing myself to this person. Later I regretted it again. At the moment I’m really not trying to find contact. I want to let go. How are your experiences with this?

Answer 1
It is not surprising that it automatically becomes an obsession. You have each other constantly in your mind, heart and body. The desire for each other can become very large. I have known her for a long time and I thought I let her go and I don’t see her in my dreams anymore. I do feel her regularly and even late at work and that was great.

Answer 2
You can let it go that it will decrease, but the person will remain in your system forever and also after the transition.

Answer 3
I struggle exactly with the same dilemma. I know I have to leave him alone, that it is better and that I have to let him come, but in the meantime I can hardly wait !!! Sometimes I think so myself; this is an obsession. Why can’t I leave him alone? He has a family, me too. But I have been carrying it with me for over 20 years. Aware and unaware. In the foreground and background. Now again in the foreground. I really want to see him. Great contact. And now wait ?! I do not know.

Answer 4
Horrific, is it both? I just think it is sick the way you can sometimes feel, experience, so absurdly intense. Not being able to do a confusion that you don’t even want. Not being able to restrain yourself from making something heard. Very annoying. Sometimes I think, who knows that the other person was so desperate in a previous life, towards me and I didn’t understand, I laughed about it. Who will say it and is this my punishment?

Answer 5
I have indeed sometimes wondered that. It controls your life so much that it seems like an obsession. But it doesn’t really matter what name you give it, that love is there. And you can best accept that. Accept that it has come into your life. Even if you let go, it still stays with you. And furthermore, you should only be sorry if you said something you didn’t mean. Being honest is part of this process. Be honest to yourself but also to others.

Answer 6
@ 5 I told my twinflame today that I loved something he had said …. immediately afterwards I wondered if that didn’t go too far, could I make that? My feeling says yes. I find him sweet, right? Very sweet indeed. He may know that. I feel that my words have come across to him in the right way and I feel so happy now. I love this man with all my heart.

Answer 7
I notice that I can only let go when I realize how badly I felt treated. I also notice that it was all based on need, not love.

Answer 8
To answer 4/5: I am relieved to say that it is good to be honest and that you should only regret things that you did not mean. I also have that urge to share something, a confusion, a dream, a thought, a song, a poem. Usually I don’t do this, but it is as if my soul needs a contact. And then I share something with him. I also have to follow my own feelings and that is also a process of mine that I should not ignore myself. What I still find the most difficult is to have such an intense feeling and not be able to give it hands and feet to it.

Answer 9
I always say with a soul love you get up and you go to bed with it. And while you sleep, your twinflame / ZV can also get through. With an obsession you get stuck and with a soul love you will change positively. If you are wondering how things are going with the other person and you are missing, we are talking about a soul love here. Expressing the positive or negative has to do with fears that arise. This is needed in your mirroring process to become stronger. Listen to your heart, this will show you the right way.

Answer 10
I also really want to see her I know her now even n 8 jaar.Ik voel haar elke dag stomorrow morning I get up with it and in the evening I go to bed with it. Yes it’s hard but it’s no different and I have to accept it that she has chosen for another. But it will be well and certainly after death we come together that is certain. She doesn’t want contact, but I do have to do with it.

Answer 11
For me it has been an obsession. Before he got married to another woman, I sent him many messages in the hope that he would cancel the wedding. He never responded. He is now married. And I am ashamed that I have sent so many messages. I’m afraid he got caught up with me because of this. I still see signs in the form of his name, but I doubt what that means.