Q1112. What if your twinflame doesn’t want to contact you at all?


What if your soul love doesn’t want to contact you at all? Have you ever experienced this?

Answer 1
Not exact, but periods when the other does not want contact. Great, then we have no contact. Despite everything, there is contact, but then in dreams / astral.

Answer 2
Yes! You both have to go through a process. I have also been asked to interrupt all contact for the time being. I did this from love and trust. Letting go is a difficult but beautiful process. Follow your heart!

Answer 3
He says he doesn’t want contact, but I doubt that. I don’t believe him completely. When we are together, the feeling for both is very intense. I think he is afraid of his own feeling. On the one hand I can respect that and on the other I feel angry. Having confidence is difficult. Because that can mean that it may take a long time before the contact is re-established! And I do not want that! My ego is now dominating this moment and I feel restless.

Answer 4
My opinion: If your twinflame does not want to contact you, it means that your twinflame is currently in a learning process and needs some time for himself / herself. Remember that you are the one who brings out many emotions that need to be processed and accepted. A twinflame will come back on your path again. Your twinflame will automatically contact you again when the time is right. Give your twinflame the peace and space to get through this process.