Q1110. Have you informed your soul love that it is about soul love?


Have you informed your soul love that it is about soul love? if yes, was this answered? if not, how does this feel for you? For me it feels like continually asking whether it has been a soul’s love.

Answer 1
If you email him you know the answer and you are done with.

Answer 2
When it comes to a true love of the soul it is not necessary to report this to the other person in any way. The other person just knows that, just as you know it. That is totally beyond the normal forms of communication.

Answer 3
My soul love already knows I have talked to her on the phone for several years. We sometimes see each other in the village.

Answer 4
Yes, you just know that from each other, without words. It is so strange. As if you feel / think for the other. When I talk to him, everything goes smoothly, we say the same words at the same time, we just understand each other. Other people who are then sitting no longer count, that is sometimes embarrassing almost. We blend together when we are in conversation. I notice that it also strikes others that we get along so well and I sometimes get comments about it. But I put that aside. We both know that it is pure what happens, because nothing happens at all. It is all purely energetic, we never touch each other except for a few cheeks.