Q1108. Being with my partner is becoming increasingly difficult?


I have a partner but also a twinflame. I have known twinflame for a long time, just like my partner, and my feeling for him has been exactly the same in intensity all those years: so very strong. Now, for a year now, I have noticed that my partner is increasingly irritating me. We seem to be increasingly different and I feel that we are sort of talking. I find it very much, but it is as it is, and I cannot ignore it. I also find sex increasingly difficult because it comes so close. I often have to think about my twinflame and feel guilty about it again. Who recognizes this and how can I give this a more positive turn because giving up (my marriage) is not an option.

Answer 1
Why is giving up your marriage not an option? If you are relying on your feelings, then you know that it is best for you. I am single, so I cannot judge how that will be.

Answer 2
Yes recognition. In the beginning that I had met my tz, it was not too bad. I loved both, but as the months passed it became more difficult. I started to feel annoyance at my husband and the sex became much harder, I could not give myself anymore. The love for my tz grew. But tz was also in a relationship, so all in all, difficult. Now, 2 years later I am separated from my husband at the time, because the strong feeling of loving was no longer there. More the brother and sister story. As far as my tz is concerned, I also released it, because he is still in a relationship with small children and wanted to finish this. It wasn’t easy for a while, but when I look back now, it was time to leave my husband at the time. And I probably would never have done this if I hadn’t met my tz.

Answer 3
Recognizable. Why is giving up not an option? And what do you actually give up? An advice: go with the flow, look at what presents itself, live. In a situation like yours I have tried to hold on for too long and have not listened to myself. I became literally sick of it. Stay honest.

Answer 4
I have also experienced this. Try to discover for yourself why you are annoyed by your current partner. Your feeling tries to make something clear to you. You cannot continue to suppress the feeling for your twinflame. The more you try, the harder it comes up. It is up to you to discover which choice you want to make yourself. Good luck.

Thanks to everyone, especially Alicia. I know, I have to think carefully and I did. I come to the conclusion that I still love my husband very much. He and I have a lot in common, and we’ve known each other for a long time. Yet we also differ greatly on essential points, and with giving and taking it can be solved a long way. But I notice that my twinflame and I are completely aligned in everything. We think identically about the essential things of life, we understand each other without words. However, I also notice that he is still very much in a development that I have long behind. We could not form a successful pair yet. But I am happy that he is in my life, that we see each other regularly and that he likes me very much. He recently showed that and it really did me a good job. You can feel it, but hearing it once is very nice. I let him go. And once the time is there! is for us, we will come together. Even if that would be in a next life. As for the relationship with my husband, I also love him, want to work on our marriage and make something of it, enjoy what we have together. I have to accept that I have to live with an earthly and a “heavenly” love … (Unknown)