Q1106. Never spoke in earthly life?


I have met her thousands of times. I know her through and through and she knows me too. We have experienced personal things but we have never spoken to each other in earthly life and this has been going on for years. Who has that too?

Answer 1
Spoken though, heard his voice and it was as if I already knew it,… Seen never. It keeps hammering I wish that this had never happened, that I had never spoken to him, read it online. He will not realize what he has done. Never know. He let go of me for something stupid. And I won’t forgive him for that.

Answer 2
You are a twinflame together. You have both experienced everything. Both good and bad because of the pain, the two of you have grown. You don’t have to look at the process from one side. . Because she is me and I am her.