Q1102. How does soul love help with your development?


How does it help your soul love event with your development?

Answer 1
No, my fluorescent light does not help me at all, yes, the destruction if I am not careful. He does not want me to develop on the contrary, he prefers to see me in a state that suggests a constant supply of Diazepam or something. That I nevertheless grew naturally is not thanks to, but despite him.

Answer 2
Soul love is an event where one is touched in the soul, positive or negative, that makes a person develop.

Answer 3
To 1: On the contrary, do you say, is this an idea of ​​yours or did he say it to you like that? How do you know he likes it when you go to destruction? And why is it his fault? In addition, it might just be that without this meeting you would not have grown as you are now. Then the soul love has helped you even further on your path.

Answer 4
Then you have resisted everything, of course you do not grow that you stand still. And if you stand still and your resistance there is no growth possible. You owe it to yourself because you do not open yourself to your twinflame .

Answer 5
@ 1 How does he help you destroy?

Answer 6
It happens to me often in a negative way and that is unfortunate, but in the end it often helps with my growth. But I would like to see it differently, because in a positive way I think you are just as damned.

Answer 7
Because there was someone who gave me such a deep love, I was able to go through the pain of less pleasant experiences (childhood) and regain contact with the love I feel for myself. The mutual love that exists between us showed me that true love exists. A very important lesson.

Answer 8
I have already undergone major personal development thanks to my twinflame. Even now, I am still growing. I mainly learned to love myself. I now also know better what I really want in my life. I enjoy every day, smile, dance, .. radiate like never before and am really happy. But occasionally I miss him anyway !! Fortunately I get a lot of signals that it is destined.

Answer 9
I think a twinflame relationship and a love relationship are very different from each other but they are oh so close together … four years of attracting and repelling .. It hurt, I waited for signs, waited for him … but I am so thankful now. He has taught me that no one is responsible for my own happiness than myself. I now realize that I have to stay myself and focus more on my feelings.