Q1099. Feeling helpless?


I met my twin two months ago. He is about 5 years younger. We are very different people. I have had a happy relationship for 9 years. I have to think about him day and night and have the feeling that I want to protect him from everything. And wanting to help. When he looks at me, I have to restrain myself from touching him. Does this pass and would he feel this too? I sometimes have the idea that he also feels that energy but that he cannot interpret it and gets confused about it. We cannot be together although the desire is terribly great. Who recognizes this powerless feeling? And how do you deal with it?

Answer 1
If the 1 does not want then the only thing you can do is to accept everything as it is. Otherwise you make yourself crazy it is as it is and it will be okay sooner or later. just make it feel.