Q1096. Do you hurt each other?


Whether other people also have experiences hurting each other in feeling with your soulmate? I have known my soulmate for a number of years now, he is a colleague of mine. There has always been a click, but since a few years we have also been sharing a soul love bond. This bond transcends everything, a deep, deep connection with each other, one glance at each other is enough to understand each other. We are drawn to each other like a magnet every time. We do not live together traditionally as men and women, but neither of us need that, we walk the path of life together, connected by pure feeling and not by marriage, children, etc. What I sometimes experience as strange ( afterwards) is that we sometimes want to consciously hurt each other in the feeling we have for each other. He comes to me about, for example, men in my area or to me as a person and I returns to him about his behavior, his age, at least something that I can hurt him with and he me. Are these feelings of jealousy? Uncertainty? I do not know; I wonder.

Answer 1
Pain and hurting leads to change you are going to face it and you start with a clean slate. I also experienced it with my soul love and everything I did wrong about her that hurt. In the beginning I did not yet know that it was about soul love.

Answer 2
I think you use each other to respond to personal issues. Because you feel safe together, there is room for that. I don’t think it has much to do with the other person.

Answer 3
I think everyone here has been suffering with this phenomenon. We have never become who we are now. Are there still people who now experience pain from their twinflames?

Answer 4
We also hurt each other terribly. Why? I think the pain is a remnant of my childhood, also for my twinflame. As a child we were not accepted by our parents. The pain is, so to speak, our love. We don’t know any other love yet. And I am terribly afraid of intimacy, rejection helps me with pain. I grow out of it, out of pain. Maybe this answer is something you can use?

Answer 5
That is very sad, when something beautiful becomes a source of pain … moreover, it is completely destructive for all other souls with which you are also connected, young and old, they will also be hit, even though you have never wanted that. So try to exercise real confidence, including yourself. never go into attack immediately in a relationship; if something really does you no good then take distance and reflect, connect with activities in various ways, people that make you happy, your moments of trust are getting longer and the feelings of fading fade away.

Answer 6
@ answer 2 So completely true!

Reply 7
@antw 5 That is quite short through the bend to just claim that this is destructive for all. Never heard of abuse? When a child is mistreated, it cannot help but see this as love. The child must then continue to grow there. Fortunately for the child, he or she will find someone (zl) where they can grow. The only way out is through. I speak of abuse if the child did not receive love. Because then it’s scared. The world is full of it. Not noticed yet?

Answer 8
Think about it and take some distance, that seems the best to me. Soul love transcends everything, including painful feelings

Answer 9
I think that is another subject that you are abusing as a child and you have not received love and that twinflame love is supplemented. That has nothing to do with abuse. But because of the circumstances in life.

Answer 10
and if that soul love (parent) of the child is also sick and moreover has another soul love with which he / she has a destructive relationship ?, (without wanting that?). Who is that good for? And if that soul love has another ordinary love bond with a child but does not recognize it because he / she is blinded by the sacred soul love event? … as a parent with a soul love you are always obliged to protect children against destructive behavior outside of soul love or not.

Answer 11
Love is different for every living being, for one it is romance, for the other it is violence, for another it is heaven on earth, depending on one’s own being. People are in a continuous process of becoming fully human. Every person attracts the person who fits perfectly at the time of his process. So it is that one cannot speak of destructivity, only process and healing. In the end, every person benefits from the people around him, whether you like it or not. People are always growing. It’s a shame that people think in boxes. Pain simply belongs in a process of consciousness. People listen much more when it hurts.

Answer 12
@ antw10 You can only give according to self-esteem. You can only receive according to self-esteem. Soul love, what is it but your own feelings of love? As an outsider, I have the right not to define the love of others. I can disagree or agree but for the rest it is their love, not mine.

Answer 13
sorry but you underestimate the effect of yourself on other people, if everything is connected, how can your destructive behavior have no effect on others? soul love makes conscious: it is not me and the other and the rest can choke, it is an exercise in compassion, through which self love flourishes automatically! If you sympathize with nobody, only with yourself and your sorrow, you can forget it.

Answer 14
Absolutely recognizable the pain; no pain without pain. The reflection of pain in the other makes you stronger in your feelings and your soul love can only grow.

Answer 15
I think twinflames can feel each other well, but can also touch each other like no other can. To the depths of the soul. And yes, all with the aim of making the soul grow.