Q1095. How can I get back in touch?


My twinflame and I have not been talking to each other for 6 weeks after a disagreement. Both have said that we want to make it right, but afterwards he ignored a few more attempts by me. Now I am afraid that he wants to get rid of me because I have come too close. He always runs away when I get too close. He then literally says “I’m scared now.” He’s in a relationship so I understand that. What can I do best now to get in touch again? I have made 3 attempts now, but he still lacks the action. I’m really upset about it, so much so that it hurts me all day. Can someone advise me on this with similar experiences? Thanks in advance.

Answer 1
Releasing it will be fine again at a time. He is now stuck and it will not run smoothly let me say. It is best that you go with the waves, say if you understand what I mean.

Answer 2
Simply contact by email or telephone.

Answer 3
Well, his relationship must be the biggest stumbling block. Recognizable, mine is also in a relationship. Unfortunately I am not overflowing with tips for you, just wait and see what the future holds and in the meantime keep the bond with your twinflame, but in a weakened form, and be happy for the time being…

Thank you both. Yes, a bit of support does well anyway, otherwise it’s a tough job, I think. Keeping trust …. I’m sure it will be okay. (Unknown)