Q1093. The astral kiss?


How do you experience the astral kiss?

Answer 1
Astral I never actually kiss my twinflame (and in real life not haha). He first has to acknowledge me, that feels like the ultimate connection. But now you say it: I should really kiss him a little more astral. Maybe his eyes will finally open (or close haha).

Answer 2
I don’t kiss astral. I have astral sex, but strangely enough, my twinflame is not the person with whom I have the best astral sex.

Answer 3

Answer 4
… I experienced this last night for the first time. Full of passion and love. Our energies found each other again. Every time we “find” each other the power and the feeling experience increase. The engergie was so powerful and intense, despite the thousands of miles at the moment. At our “farewell” I called, asked not to go, a bomb of emotion, sadness. I know now, have to be patient … … for now … … to be and stay together afterwards … as one …

Answer 5
For a long time I did not come across her but when she came from her vacation I got an astral kiss. That was just so wonderful and delicious that requires more haha.

Answer 6
piece of truth

Answer 7
Development is growth. To grow is to embrace the unknown and therefore dare to change. Get to know your feelings, feel and follow. Follow what makes you feel good. Questioning your own beliefs, when something gives you a bad feeling, dare to look at it, face your fears, embrace your feelings, in short, fully experience your life. That is soul love in my eyes. You experience that with people you like, so with children, parents, friends, etc. Because we are all mirrors for each other. What I do not like to see in the other is a piece of myself that I have not yet embraced. Soul Love presents you with the challenges of life on earth. Fascinating and worth it!