Q1090. Loving?


Soul love creates the opportunity to learn to treat yourself and others so lovingly? What do you think?

Answer 1
With soul love you learn lessons that are filled with love again. You can be loving to yourself and your twinflame that is good. But we have also been critical of each other that that has made us develop who we are today.

Answer 2
I am not more loving with or without a twinflame. You will be tested more in your love with a twinflame. But I still don’t know what the use of it is. I think it’s nonsense, all the fuss around it, why does it all have to be so difficult again? Stupid system.

Answer 3
You will be tested on all fronts to become 1 on all fronts. If it does not fit yet, you will receive a new lesson and it will continue.

Answer 4
I don’t think this is true. My twinflame is constantly wiping out my anger while I am naturally loving without her. She doesn’t do me any good, so twinflame or not I don’t want her in my area anymore.

Answer 5
That anger has to do with what you have pent up in yourself.

Reply 6
@antw 5 Yes, that anger has to do with the fact that I do not feel respected in my being. Walk across my limits. So I don’t give her the opportunity anymore, I choose for my well-being this time.

Answer 7
Soul love brings out the love in man, that is absolutely true.