Q1089. Do you have to go for it?


It has been a long time since I had contact with my twinflame. I don’t even know if it’s him, but I think so. Fortunately I have less trouble with it now, but I am not open to anything else. Unfortunately. I often hear people say go to him. But I can’t, I don’t want that either! I’m not just going anywhere that I don’t know if anyone wants? Why would you do that, it often encounters incomprehension. The “Go for stories”. If he wanted me he would have said a long time ago, or will we meet? or am I proud of it? Do I have to go for this right now on the receipt? I don’t like that about feeling, even if it is my twinflame.

Answer 1
Perhaps you could contact him via the hyves or hotmail. I tried it a long time ago, but then I got a rejection. She wants to keep it as a secret and nobody should know that we have a bond with each other. I haven’t seen her in my astral dreams for a long time. But I think that has to do with the fact that we have to grow. And when I have learned my lessons and they also come together again, I think. It is true that she has an earthly friend.

Answer 2
I think it has nothing to do with pride, more the fear of being rejected by him or the control you want to keep. Secondly, you want it to depend on him. If you contact him, you will see for yourself what his reaction is.

Answer 3
If it feels uncomfortable do not. Wait a while, think a little longer, dig a little deeper, you will find yourself soon enough …

Answer 4
My opinion: Always though that may take a while. You are fused with each other so you are apart.