Q1086. Multiple twinflames or whatever?


I have several women in my life with whom I experience astral contact. I also know those women personally and I also experience eroticism in the astral. It’s all very exciting because I know them and because they just have a friend. We simply attract each other regularly and then all sorts of magnetic things happen. They know that and they keep it secret. Who has that too?

Answer 1
You seem to be proud of something. It seems to me rather that from your forehead chakra and solar plexus you consciously make contacts somewhere in the chakras of these ladies. Because you often write in your message about sexuality in your dreams, I think that you are not very concerned with the twinflame happening. That is something very different from what you mentioned, sorry. There is only a twinflame that you are talking about, I think it is energy abuse. Hooking up on the weaker connections in another and thus creating a bond where you can use energy from others. Doesn’t seem good to yourself either.

Answer 2
When I go to sleep, those women naturally come to my dreams. With some I talk telepathic and with others I just have astral sex. I don’t see that as an energy abuse because I don’t do anything at all, it just happens. They think of me and then they end up in my dream in the night haha.

Answer 3
Answer 1, how do you know with such certainty that this is an issue for the person asking the question? You don’t know him further, do you? He may indeed have astral contacts with kindred spirits by mutual consent.

Answer 4
I think that we Westerners will soon go into that ‘mistake’. we think it can’t hurt, no one notices it, but somewhere the conscience starts to nibble, I think. actually you prefer to do that with people / souls you really love? we embark on the beginning of a spiritual path and discover everything, as you really move on, you will start to nuance and decide for yourself what you like and don’t like about it. good luck!

Answer 5
My soul love remains the best woman. I think that every twinflame comes across several souls. What they have something with but the real bond and fusion is really with my soul love.

Answer 6
Yep, I can do something with it. My tz is in a relationship with children and now wants no relationship with me, which is quite understandable. Sexually my tz attracts enormously, but I have the idea that I have several soulmates, which I can also love. But these only came on my path after I got to know my tz and no relationship could take place. But I also feel wonderful with these people. And idd .. tz will always remain no 1.

Answer 7
I also have soulmates and I am happy with that. But my divine soul love is really the top of the highest mountain. Nobody can beat that and remains at number 1.