Q1085. Why does it have to be this way?


Why does it have to be this way? message: 3.5 years ago I got to know my twinflame. After suffering a lot in life, I came home when I met him. It was immediately clear. But I heard he was married and released him in his marriage. He kept his distance and introduced me as an ordinary friend. Yet he did everything to win me over for him. Not only me but also my children who no longer have a father and immediately accepted him as a father (they had never done this to a man) I thought he first had to close one before he could continue with the next. I didn’t want to be the reason for his failing marriage. A long period of attraction and repulsion began and in April he came to say that everything was arranged. To me, to my children, family and all my friends. Now 3 months later everything turned out to be a lie, no divorce, but an angry woman on my roof and he is silent in all languages ​​and lets the world know how much he loves his wife and how happy he is with her. They even talk about a love baby. My children are devastated. My grief has to wait because I have to take care of them. I feel torn, empty and dead. But what surprises me so much is that at night he looks for me, holds me and kisses me. At that moment I feel whole again. The heartache is gone for a moment. The weather is right for a moment. How can I ever get over this? It has been a long period of attraction and repulsion and now it is all gone. No more hope. I don’t understand how he was able to deal with us like that. He called himself the daddy of my children. They were allowed to call him dad. I had regular contact with his children. And then suddenly it is over and I am left with a void that can no longer be filled. When is it enough for a human? I have experienced so much in life. Why did he have to do this again. He knew everything about me. How can you destroy everything in such a way as blocks and children? I feel so miserable and I don’t know how to stop the pain anymore.

Answer 1
People are weird creatures. To start with, I think that everything is real that you have felt from him. Do not doubt that. But for some reason he cannot take the step. It may be his reason, something that lies with him, but also a reason for his wife. (Even then it is up to him that he cannot / may / must not make the move). If you “believe” in soul love, you “probably” believe in karma. As soon as you understand this, you also understand that you can only go with the flow. It is hard, I know, so hard because you have already experienced so much and think you can no longer have this. But in the end you get everything the way you ever accepted it and agreed, and then you knew that you could handle it. This means that you had confidence in yourself and that you knew you were strong (enough). And you are too. You have opted for a hard school because you knew that this is the fastest way to grow. But it hurts. Still, if you are through the pain again and on top of it, then you will be grateful for the feeling that you have. Even though you can’t imagine anything about that now. It is about YOU, YOUR feeling, YOUR strength, YOUR path. It hurts, but it is the harbinger of a wonderfully beautiful feeling, believe me. Continue, you can do it! Get well soon. but it is the harbinger of a wonderful feeling, believe me. Continue, you can do it! Get well soon. but it is the harbinger of a wonderful feeling, believe me. Continue, you can do it! Get well soon.

Answer 2
Strength, life is often very hard and one person has to endure much more than the other.

Thank you for your kind answers. It all came and comes to me so raw on my roof because I finally thought I could experience and keep that bit of happiness. I don’t feel whole anymore and I don’t know if I will ever feel whole again. Every day there is another, but real life, I don’t really feel that anymore. He broke it. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I have also experienced that for a while that my soul love was not there and that everything stood still and that I was no longer whole. They do that to show you what is really important. Your soul love will come back to you some time, I have experienced that so much.

Answer 4
Anonymous, Thank you for your answer. It is hard to understand what has suddenly happened and I have been emotionally and physically broken. I know he is still looking for me astral but it is difficult for me to accept what he has destroyed. One moment I would like to contact you and ask why? and the next moment I am so angry that I don’t even want to see him anymore. I didn’t deserve this. I have done nothing but love him. I therefore wonder if the twinflame event really works that way, so mirrored. While I wanted to do well, he did the exact opposite. Would it chew his conscience? Would he feel bad about it at all? Or was he really so harsh and mean that he could do this to another person? xx

Answer 5
It could just have been my story.
From somewhere once, just about 8 years ago.
Now I am grateful that we could not be together. I had to grow, become independent, become an adult. Then I was angry, furious, abandoned by God and everyone. Afterwards nothing was less true. Which is true, I continued to look him up by mail. First the anger, the pain. As time went on, I got to know a new love. A gift, partly due to that new love, became more myself. At times I and my Soul Love mail had contact. Now 8 years later, he himself made contact. The line has never been gone. Only at rest otherwise. More in ourselves. we’re not there yet. But the growth is there.

Answer 6
When reading your story, the tears flow down my cheeks automatically. So recognizable. It seems like my story. My twinflame has since died and I am angry and sad at the same time. Sad because I feel cheated. I try to get answers to my questions, but unfortunately. I was also presented with that sausage every time and I always looked forward to finally being together. We have never lasted longer than a week. Then he went back to his home front. False promises, empty words. Many words, no deeds. All of this has put a fair dent in overall confidence. And I really blame him. Daring to be honest. I have often said that I understand if he wants to, but for whatever reasons or circumstances, unable to get home. I understand that. But just be honest. Don’t keep me on the line with false promises. I cannot and do not want to keep my life on hold for something that does not come.