Q1082. Is this a coincidence? Is he coming back?


Hey, A year ago I had a break with my twinflame. It was very painful because he chose a different woman … Until now he has been with that woman, but his relationship is jumping. It was predicted several times that he would contact me again and want to come back. He does have his pride so would he do that? The strange thing is that I have thought of him for months less (though I have thought a lot less about him, but a little less ;-)) … now a childhood friend of mine came my way a month ago. I had never seen that friend. I happened to meet him online and we agreed and that way I know that he is his childhood friend … I regularly have dates with that childhood friend … Is this a coincidence ?????? They both live half an hour from my door … so normally I wouldn’t have met that childhood friend.

Answer 1
It looks like it’s no coincidence? I think your collective energy field makes this kind of ‘fluke hit’ happen more than average. At least, that’s how it went with me, at the craziest moments I met him or something that had to do with him, and quite often. But unfortunately that did not automatically mean that he and I would meet again. So in your case it is only a matter of waiting to see if it leads to more than just strong coincidences. Hope of course for you. (Remco)