Q1081. What if the other person does not dare to take the leap?


A year ago I got to know her via the internet. It was not the intention, but we fell in love with each other. Even before we met. She loved me almost immediately. She had never experienced this. She is married. Due to circumstances she was open to my love. Attracting and repelling has then begun. Strong, intense feelings. We were looking for words that could express our feelings. They just didn’t exist. We made our own words. Every day it grew and became stronger. Soon we were talking about a string that connects us. Our spirits who touched each other looked up when she chose her marriage again. A few weeks ago I thought she really chose mi but nothing could be further from the truth. For the umpteenth time she set me aside and really wanted to give her marriage a chance. My sadness becomes more intense, more intense. I sense everything that defines my everything that she and I belong together. She said it right from the start. I’m breathing you. I’m a part of you. Statements like this passed by. Then I came across this site a few days ago when she called me her soulmate. This is what is happening now. For more than a year. Every day is a matter of survival. I lost her forever. And yet I feel that she belongs to me. She is too scared to leave the familiar behind. Although she will never let me go. She is deep with me. I sit deep with her. That is a fact that we both know. Enough signs. A combination of numbers that we encounter everywhere. We first called it bizarre. Coincidence. Although we immediately agreed that it has nothing to do with chance. It is also no longer bizarre. It is ours. And we still come across that number everywhere. While her mind is with me and her body there. Do I have to be patient? Do I have to take distance? The feeling is so strong that I will wait for her. After her I will always have to settle for less. If I want to. Because I don’t want to lose her. I can’t let her go. She is my true one. I know that. She knows that. And I am her true.

Answer 1
I can only say, what a familiar story! I recognize a lot in it, it is the same with us. Just keep in touch and talk about it together, then it will be better with both of you! Even if it is not often. And who knows?

Answer 2
Nice story very recognizable our band is very special and slowly I feel more and more confident. She is deep in me and I in her.

Answer 3
Recognizable yes … My love has also opted for his old relationship, I am separated by and for him. My tz is in a relationship with 2 small children, but still .. I know the sadness. I never thought I could love another person again, but now people are coming my way that I feel I have ties with. And that feels a lot better, although it will never be my tz, but I can share much more with this. A lot of strength and idd try to keep in touch, then you don’t feel so cut off, at least if this is possible.