Q1080. Does your twinflame make you happy or unhappy?


Does your twinflame make you happy or unhappy?

Answer 1
If you had asked me that a few years ago, I would have answered like a blink: happy, unhappy, happy, unhappy. Because it was almost different every day. But now that I am a little further I can give you the answer to what I feel and feel every day. Very happy”!

Answer 2
It is not your soul love that makes you unhappy but the whole situation around it, when I speak for myself. I am very aware that it cannot always continue as it is now.

Answer 3
Unfortunate. I now try to make a virtue of necessity by becoming more adept at releasing things: not only him, but also other things that I would rather see going than coming. Goes a bit with ups and downs, so my patience is tested right away, haha. Trust is the key, staying close to yourself is the art.

Answer 4
It is like ebb and tide, it comes and goes in waves. My twinflame is currently not making me happy and I wish I no longer had to see him. He creates unrest in my life and turns everything upside down time and time again. The other way around I do the same with him, I know that. But I am so tired and tired of it that I only long for peace. Let us come together in a next life if possible.

Answer 5
He does not make me happy or unhappy. I can only do that myself. I have now accepted what he is like. One time he tries to get closer, the other time he prefers to stay away. This also has to do with his own difficulties. This way everyone has their own difficulties. We sometimes forget that. The behavior of someone else very often has nothing to do with you. I would really like to help him, but unfortunately .. he can only do that himself. Sometimes it makes me sad that he has such a hard time. But no longer desperate, as in the old days. It is his path and I can only support him and make it clear to him that I want to be there for him.

Answer 6
@ answer 5: AMEN! I really couldn’t have said it better. Being happy is really in me, so that’s where I get it from. He is not responsible for that. As you say: he also has his ‘fair share of failures’. If it would make me unhappy, it is due to the situation and not to the person.

Answer 7
When I think about my period with my twinflame (in the meantime has died), the less pleasant moments really dominate. The nice happy moments are scarce in my experience. It was mainly a period of great sorrow. A huge roller coaster of highly varied emotions.