Q1073. How long have you been waiting for your twinflame?


How long have you been waiting for your twinflame?
Don’t you think that’s a waste of time?

Answer 1
For years and yes, that is far too long, but you do nothing about it. I have tried a thousand times to get my twinflame out of my mind and heart, but it doesn’t work. I am gradually reaching the end of my Latin.

Answer 2
I have had my soul love in my head for years. And yes it all gets less if you fully accept it I have experienced. Do not go against it, because then it will all be much harder than it is.

Answer 3
I am not waiting for him anymore. That is not possible. Waiting means standing still. I think I should go on. I learn to let go with this. If I can let this go then I can let go of everything in life. That is very nice. Gives air. Have you been waiting for a long time and are you still seeing him? I haven’t seen him in 16 months anyway.

Answer 4
Why can’t that wait? You can now also make the decision to come together. The problems that you have in your earthly relationship then you no longer have when you start a virtual relationship. You know each other through and through and feel each other easily.

Answer 5
As long as I don’t meet anyone else for whom I feel similar feelings, twinflame keeps coming back to my system. Is not a conscious choice, but an emergency handle.