Q1069. Is it possible that I met my twin?


Is it possible that I met my twin? even though she is 40 years younger than me, we already had a very special attraction between us at the first contact and we understood each other completely. Can a true close relationship arise from this or is it more of an ego illusion of mine.

Answer 1
Even when I think of other women, she comes through. And when I talk to a girl, she is there too. I don’t find that annoying but what I do find annoying is that my twinflame never lets her hear. Or I have to take an earthly relationship purely for sex and without feeling. But I don’t think that’s fair to her. My relationships have been like that because she came through them.

Answer 2
Age does not play a role for love between twinflames. It can be difficult that you are in a completely different phase of life. One may be in love for the first time and the other becoming a grandfather. Twinflames usually resolve this when they are ready to enter into a relationship. My twinflame is also a lot younger, and if I imagine that I was once twice as old as my twinflame, I can imagine that it seems impossible at such a moment. Although you can think very differently about it in 20 years. Relatively speaking, the differences are getting smaller and so is the difference in life phase. If your twinflame is a child you will have to keep it at a distance for the time being.