Q1064. Do you feel that your soul love is intimate with a new partner?


What does it mean when you feel that your soul love has sex with a new partner? Do you then feel her / his mood, or is it in your mind? I find it quite annoying; does not want to enjoy the pleasures with someone else, it is painful enough!

Answer 1
I know that when we still had close contact, my soul love was also in a relationship. The moments he had sex with the other person, I went through hell. I felt everything and it was very sad. Now that I have let go of him much more, I have much less problems with it and hopefully it will pass.

Answer 2
The desire that was unbearable for her, I still remember. For 3 weeks I went through a hell of intense emotions up to 112. What went through me was indescribable, luckily I went through that process.