Q1059. More and more need to be alone?


Who recognizes that since you are aware of your twinflame you have less and less need for contact with other people? I am married, have children and so I am never really alone. But outside of this circle I have less and less need for new contacts and the contacts I already had, I maintain much less intensively than before. At school I also have contact with other parents, but that too remains superficial. The strange thing is that I don’t need anything more than that, it’s good that way. I am already busy enough to get everything in my head for my twinflame. As he is my exact opposite in everything, that is also the case here; he has a very busy social life and never has time for anything. How could it be that I want to be more and more on my own is my question.

Answer 1
Perhaps because you have experienced the highest love there is and you no longer find satisfaction in relationships where you have not experienced what you have with your twinflame. A certainty has arisen in your life and everything around it matters less. You need that peace to put everything back in a row and to see the insights and overview again. So you see who is really important to you. You need that rest to process and place everything. Maybe not with you but that’s how it went with me.

Answer 2
There is something in yes. I have a lot, a great need for silence around me, time to think and to see connections. I prefer to be alone so that I can do what I want. Is not always easy with so many people in a house. Today also had a busy day with a party, and now I’m completely gone. Empty and grumpy. I need rest, and my twinflame, I need it even more.

Answer 3
Clearly expressed answer 1, thank you. A certainty has developed in your life and everything around it matters less, that’s right. I experience that too, especially when I am at birthdays and they are talking about little things, then I can still talk about it and I also give my opinion how I see things and experience that is also good for your growth hear this way I also learn to be independent. But often it is true that if it gets too much for me, I really go home, and no not to flee hihi. Good luck

Answer 4
From the day I met my twinflame, many contacts disappeared. I ended up in a kind of social vacuum. The people I kept seeing understood my story and sometimes had experience with it. Others were silent when I talked about my experiences. So I didn’t need that kind of feedback either. I also needed that rest to get everything straight. I also did not want to keep walking around with the problem. My twinflame is always busy, busy, in my view it is not to have to think about twinflame. Maybe that is also the case with your twinflame.

Answer 5
You have come closer to yourself is my opinion. You now understand better what you are worth. In a ZL process it is very normal that certain friendships are stopped. Certain lessons have been learned so that these people are no longer needed. You often find out who your true friends are and you exclude people who may have a negative influence on you. Look back a few months and you will find that you have become stronger. You naturally get more and more insights.

@ 4 & 5, I asked the question and you get it; that’s exactly how it is. At first I thought that I was becoming non-social because I didn’t want to put energy into certain contacts. Even the contact with what I first considered to be one of my best friends was watered down and I don’t miss it. Now I understand that this is part of the process of soul love. And yes Arundash, my twinflame is indeed always terribly busy busy busy, and that is certainly not to have to think about his other half (me). Always on the run, he is. When I look at his Facebook I also see that he seems to have a very busy social life. Seems to be conscious, because he himself once dropped that he has many superficial contacts but few real friends … (Unknown)

Answer 6
I get more and more insight every time we come together in the dream, it is exciting again what will happen next, and how it will develop. I think she started to look at soul love much more positively than before. We now also have the hardest times. I think that over the years we will slowly grow together.