Q1058. What should I?


I’m a mother who’s upset. My daughter has met a boy on the internet, he is clear-sighted my daughter is paranormal, together they have a lot of things in common. They can wake each other up in thought. come at the same time on MSN, he is sick too and so there are a lot of things, and that at a distance of 200 km.They have never seen each other in real life, because every time it comes to that, it comes up with excuse not to have to come, even if he says that she may come the same story. They are crazy about each other but he always reacts so weird when she comes too close, my daughter hurt again angry. He leaves nothing for a while and suddenly he is back again. Says sweet things to her, says that it is coming, and then everything starts again from the beginning, this has been going on for about eight months. I don’t know what to do with it and neither does my daughter because he is a lot older than she is. I hope that someone here can explain to me what is going on between the two. I think I already know, but what do you think about this? bvd a mother ..

Answer 1
What do you think is going on then? Mothers usually know the best.

Answer 2
I think it is soul love. But how should we deal with that?

Answer 3
It depends to a large extent on the age of your daughter. Can she estimate her own enough? I would let her and be happy that it is going over the internet for the moment. It is safe enough. Let her figure out what attracts her. Keep an eye on things, but do not intervene. Trust in the wisdom of her soul.