Q1056. Set limits versus tolerance


Because of my intuition, I often get more information about a situation and that encourages tolerance when people are actually not that nice to me (well, I understand it, etc.). Yet it does not turn out to be a closed case, because I am certainly displeased when people cross my borders (What does the other person think, I deserve much better). I do not know what is best to conclude, the result: worry, reason in circles. What is wisdom in this? Tips?

Answer 1
The purpose of everything you describe is through all the feelings it evokes, such as inferiority, I am not worthy, I am not loved etc to feel and to investigate why they evoke those feelings in you. If you have concluded that those emotions do not belong to you because they say nothing about the true you, you can almost let go of those thoughts. Therefore you come more and more to your true self. You come more and more in love with yourself and everything around you. Then you begin the journey to what you always felt deep down but did not remember …

Answer 2
My opinion: Try not to worry about it. Fear tries to mislead you. By doubting about yourself, these emotions are brought up. It is not about what someone else thinks about you. You determine your life and what others say or think does not matter. Take it lightly. If they think or say something, you don’t have to go along with it. Come up with something positive to block the negative.

Answer 3
Stop that tolerance when you go beyond your limits. You are responsible for guarding your own limits. Maybe you still want to please too much. Setting limits and monitoring them makes you stronger than tolerating behavior that you actually aspire to.