Q1055. Others?


That way you think you can be almost completely together, … so the divestment starts again. My twinflame had now vowed that he would not repel me. When I can give my heart fully to him again and when things are going well between us, his fear will reappear. So-called friends of his and his ex believe that he can find someone much better than me. Every time he comes my way again. I have already tried different ways to keep it there, but it still repels me. Someone tips ?? My love is getting bigger, but the blow is also getting stronger … I don’t know what to do anymore …

Answer 1
Your twinflame is a part of you and it cannot be otherwise. The love becomes so great that you will eventually merge. That goes very slowly, but one day.

Answer 2
If his friends are among you, it seems to me that he is still learning too much about others. His lesson is that he must learn to trust his feelings more and not what others say. Your twinflame first had to hit its nose at so-called friends. Give it some time, no matter how difficult this can be. It is going in the right direction ….