Q1053. Is the universe now forcing me to let go?


Since a few weeks I have the feeling that I am forced to let go of the whole thing. So everything that has to do with my twinflame. I don’t want to see him anymore, I don’t want to think about him, I’ve put away everything that reminds him. Conversely, he does not contact him, I never come across him and there is a complete radio silence. He has other things on his mind; namely his new girlfriend. And yes, I am disappointed and at the same time I know that it is an essential link in this whole process. She’s going to take him a lot further, but I don’t have a share in it for now. It therefore feels like the universe is stopping all contact and connection between us. Does anyone recognize this and will it eventually return?

Answer 1
The idea that the Universe decides what happens to you is, in my opinion, incorrect. The life that we now lead is, I think, a result of experiences and decisions in a past life. I think the universe works so that those experiences and decisions actually work out. You have created your own present in the past. You create your own future in the present. You describe a common scenario: the other does not want a relationship, stays away, and takes another. That is not for nothing, as you say, that other relationship plays a role in it. Your twinflame apparently has to do something else before he starts something with you. So you can only wait for that. And when that is you don’t know. If you are no longer able to think about him, you can praise yourself happily. But you can assume that he will never forget you.

Answer 2
That suddenly happened to me. From one day to the next I thought less about her. Releasing was also much easier. ‘The feelings for her did not diminish and I notice that I am still changing that my personal development continues and that I am becoming more spiritual. My twin also notices that something has changed with her and if we can let go of each other and are no longer dependent on each other, we will come together and still in this life. I feel that the radio silence will last for a few months and that we are both further developed towards the positive side.

Answer 3
Thank you for your responses. I’ve written it here before; to a certain extent I am clear-knowing and clear-sighted and have learned that my twinflame and I still come together in this life and also know when. I also know in general what the time for our reunification will look like for him and that is strange to know and to see it happen before you. I try to live by the day and not to be too busy with him, although it is sometimes difficult because he is constantly there, even when I am not consciously thinking about him. It’s just inside me.

Answer 4
Sounds like he still has an important lesson to learn with / with his new girlfriend. I have had this feeling once too and realize that I would not hear or see my twinflame for a while. Yet he always thought of me at that time and we met again when it was time for fate. Keep believing in it and follow your feelings in it.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Dear people, here the questioner again. Thank you for the powerful words I needed. I know Alicia, he still has a lot to learn and experience with that woman and that will take a long time. Despite the radio silence, I can feel it and I am really overloaded with signs this week. I saw at least 25 times twinflame and TF pass by on license plates yesterday and then know that he is still there. But even better: he had called me this week but I was not there. Then he sent an SMS that I also saw later. I immediately called him back and it turned out that he needed to know something, nothing special. We talked a bit about cows and calves and he said he would come by soon. During the conversation I had the strong feeling that he just wanted to hear me. So you see again that it is true that if you have to see or hear each other, fate will take care of it. I also have to learn to see things in a larger perspective. So look at the common thread in our band and not so much at the little things that keep coming in between.