Q1040. Period of rest


Every time I experience a period of rest. That we do not meet each other in dreams. Now yesterday I had contact with her again for months. I certainly think it’s good that both of us can put everything together. And again everyone can do our own thing.

Answer 1
What exactly is your question, or is it a statement? I have the same thing with my twinflame, a period of peace has just passed that I hardly felt it anymore and I came across it in dreams. He was back since yesterday. I myself am now about 1500 km from my twinflame and yet I keep getting signs from him and I know that our connection is always there. Wonderful.

Answer 2
I recognize that, those periods of rest. I think that you can continue to grow yourself in those periods and then come closer together again – for loving contact and confrontation. Followed by another period of relative peace and growth and so the cycle continues and you eventually come closer together. My experience is that both love and confrontation are getting deeper and deeper.