Q1033. Illusion?


After I met my soul love I felt him 24/7. After he has entered into a relationship, that contact has slowly subsided. Since a few weeks I don’t feel anything anymore. Was it still an illusion? Have I finally lost him or is the energy of his girlfriend between us? (as Jaap Hiddinga describes in ‘Man, woman and soul consciousness’) Who recognizes this? Is it final or did it return later?

Answer 1
Have you had a meltdown in your soul? If you have had a fusion you always feel your twinflame even if she has an earthly partner.

Answer 2
There can never be anyone, you are permanently connected through the chakras from the first meeting. But your twin also has the option to focus on someone else. The other person has no more power in that than your twin wants to give him. Whether or not from a conscious choice. And that also applies to you. If your twin is focused on someone else, if you don’t see that opportunity, you will feel nothing. One day it can just kick in again.

Answer 3
Remco, what exactly is a meltdown?

Answer 4
You have not lost your Soul Love. You will feel it again when needed. Because of your ego (doubt) it also seems that you no longer feel your Soul Love. Shortly changing emotions, (sudden) thoughts that you think of him are all energetic contacts. Your Soul Love must now learn something from his new relationship. When he has learned his lesson, you will also feel it stronger again. Stay strong by trusting your feelings.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 5
Like answer 3: what is a meltdown?

Answer 6
In a fusion of soul you become together 1. The man then goes into the woman with his whole body. I have experienced it as a very blissful feeling. Did you not have it?

Answer 7
@Alicia Stuprijck. Thank you for your answers here on this site! Really, I have so many answers, they give me so much clarity. Dear greeting

Answer 8
And I assume the woman is going in with her whole body.

Answer 9
Yes, a really ecstatic feeling.

Answer 10
Not as with sex that the man goes into the woman. But with your whole body you go into the body of the other with one part. You will be fused together so that you remain 1 forever. As I think about it: You were already apart in the previous life, so it’s not that strange.

Answer 11
I have often had souls fused with my twinflame. Really, it felt SO divine, every time! The last time when it happened, twinflame and I were standing next to each other and he came in to see me, what an energy! we were that moment really 1. (otherwise of course He was sitting on his face and I did that exactly at that moment, exactly the way he did it. Thank you dear Twin.

Answer 12
Recognizable Butterfly. My twinflame and I do that very often (so much so that others notice it). The same gestures, the same way of looking, attitude and even the same things say at the same time. As if we are Siamese twins. We had soul melting a few times, in the time between sleeping and waking. It was indescribably beautiful! I feel spiritually married to him. Connected. Always and everywhere. That he now has another girlfriend does not change that.

Answer 13
@ answer 12: A fusion of soul between sleeping and waking: how do you feel / recognize that? How do you know that it is a meltdown in your soul? Do you both feel this?

Answer 14
My twinflame has confirmed that it is true.

Answer 15
@ 13, what a late but still my reaction. I was the one in question 12. A meltdown of the soul is a wonderful thing that cannot be compared to anything. I experienced it that way; I lay in bed and was a bit awake and half asleep. A kind of sleep state. When I suddenly felt my twinflame with me and a sparkling pink light enveloped us. Our heads melted together and it was an intense sense of belonging and being together. I am not sure whether the other person felt this too, but his soul did feel it.