Q1031. Tell a lot?


Do you also have that you want to tell him or her everything about anything and everything? Sometimes it is also very confused and does it not seem to tie a rope afterwards? I also tell you everything in my mind. A lot about what I feel. He must have been shocked. So many feelings. I think it’s a shame that I don’t know anything about his feelings. He says they aren’t there. How do I know what’s true? Will he be shocked by my feelings, I think so .. I miss him that way too. I also get enough attention because I can perform in a group of men. Only it is not comparable. I try to forget him but I can’t. Just not being busy?

Answer 1
Oh that’s hard. Did you say it in real life or just in mind? Your twinflame can deny it very hard, and he does so out of fear. I have experience with it. My twinflame does the same, either less than before. I never really expressed my feelings, but in thoughts and dreams where I met him, I did. He then said that he feels exactly the same for me and I also know that it is. But in daily life I have to take that from all sorts of covered statements, signs and incidents. I had to learn that but now it is as clear as what. The symbolic language of life is very rich, but you must first learn that language, just as you learn another foreign language. My advice to you is to let him be what he is, and especially to think of him with love. Wish him wisdom in your mind, and he will get it. He automatically adjusts once, really.

Answer 2
Yes, I can also feel it very well with my twinflame. First I felt her in my head and I saw images of her. Then I felt her character in living bodies. And now I feel her inner life. I think it also has to do with the fact that we haven’t seen each other for a while. I am sure she would feel strong.

Answer 3
I constantly talk to my twinflame. I can say about the most trivial things. And sometimes I tell him that I love him. Occasionally I don’t know if I’m talking to myself or to him, or maybe that doesn’t matter? I’m glad he can’t always hear me, haha. That would be something!

Answer 4
Yesterday with the Queen’s Night I heard in a dream of Remco there is not of my twinflame. That’s right because I am going to celebrate today haha. So you can indeed hear a twinflame and everything you think or say has an effect on the soul. You may also have a specific wish for your twinflame, I have experienced.

Answer 5
Very normal that you want to tell a lot, you don’t feel at ease with anyone else. Your own feeling knows what is true. You will also receive (small) signals that he does have feelings for you. Also do not ask about his feelings, he crawls into his shell. You know his feelings and don’t let anything fool you through ego. It is often out of fear of abandonment so that the 1 does not speak openly about his / her feelings. Give him the space by not talking about feelings, you will notice that it will make him more open.
(Alicia Stuprijck)