Q1030. Are you a soul love when you hear each other in a dream?


My friend who lives far away from me is looking for me in his dream but can’t find me. That same night I dream that I get a message from him on my phone that says, I am here but you are not, where are you, if I want to answer I wake up and it appears that I have dreamed the message. The next morning I tell him my dream and he his dream. Furthermore, we often say the same thing almost simultaneously, contact each other almost at the same time and feel safe and come home together.

Answer 1
Do you often hear him? And do you see each other in your dreams?

Answer 2
This indeed sounds like a soul’s love. I also have all these things with my twinflame.

Answer 3
Try to meet somewhere energetically. Say in your mind where you want to meet him. When the time is right, you will come across each other no matter how far you live apart.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 4
We sometimes have energetic dates (unfortunately, they remain energetic so far). I like that! The exact time remains difficult, he usually comes too early or he can’t wait that’s also possible, haha.