Q1021. Ordinary hopeless crush?


Since a long time I have no contact with my (alleged ???) soul love. The energetic contact has diminished over time, and now almost nil. Could it be that it was an ordinary crush? Are we not kidding ourselves, and are we just hopelessly in love? Is it therefore all stories of unreachability here and cannot be together? Do we hurt ourselves by connecting ourselves to someone else that is unreachable? Or can the connection be broken by one of the two?

Answer 1
That you see your twinflame less has to do with the fact that the most intense period is over and that the process is at a somewhat lower level is my opinion. It has nothing to do with hopeless love or anything. You are twinflames and you know that deep down.

Answer 2
I cannot speak for “we”, but I can speak for myself and many others who know and experience the same as me. I have been in love before and now again. Yet the love for my twinflame is of a different order. If you experience it, you know the difference. For me mainly also because of the energetic contact, the countless and most unlikely signs I get and the feeling of each other. I want him to be doing well. And he is always there at crucial moments in my life. Suddenly he pops up out of the blue again. And he assists me. Thank you dear twinflame. X

Answer 3
Exact answer 2, that’s the same here. I have been in love countless times with men other than my twinflame, but the love for him transcends everything. It is different, very different. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I have sometimes thought that, but this feeling is different. There is so much recognition from the start. And so much more love, signs, unrest, thinking about, as with an ordinary crush. It must be something special. So now assume that it is. You can’t break the connection, it’s just there! Do something with it, it will make you happier!

Answer 5
If it concerns your twinflame then you know that. I never doubted that he would not be my twinflame. I recognize myself in him so that I sometimes find it scary.

Answer 6
When the energetic contact feels a bit less, you should not be afraid that the connection has disappeared. The connection will always remain. Don’t be confused by your ego. There are times when it seems that your Soul Love has disappeared, but it is not. Probably your lack (ego) is much stronger that you do not feel your Soul Love. When the energetic contact also feels less meaning that the Soul Love is busy with his / her own process. Have faith in the 1st feeling you have experienced with your Soul Love and hold that feeling. The sooner you push fear away and work on your own process, the sooner you will feel Soul Love again.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 7
Hopeless yes, no one is nicer than he is I think? I hope so? Do not see him in rl … It stays with feeling. But no one beats him!