Q1018. How can I let go of the lack in me?


How can I let go of the loss, even though we both want to remain friends, without eroticism and kisses, even though we both behave reasonably aloof?

Answer 1
This morning I also missed her when I got up. It was a very intense feeling to want to be with her. The frustrating thing is that it is not possible because she is bound. But it seems that the feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

Answer 2
Sometimes I suddenly miss him very much. But at the same time I realize again that as soon as I think of him, he is already with me. A twinflame is always with you, is a part of you and you of the other. Then when I concentrate or meditate, I really feel it. Try it sometime.

Answer 3
The loss will continue as long as no action is taken. It is actually your soul that misses the other soul and wants to get into “connection”. You both now have a blockade of self-defense, which will eventually disappear again. The more you get together as friends, the more the desire comes back to be more together and with the great possibility of romance / intimacy.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 4
I also practice meditation and when I do the breathing exercise I feel that she is in me. And when I think about her for a moment, we also end up together in the dream that night or tomorrow. I get to know more and more about her and I think she also about me. It all takes time for his 28 years to get to know each other really well haha.

Answer 5
Why do you both want to remain friends? What’s wrong with eroticism and kisses (is that real or energetic). My experience is that the miss is not about and only gets stronger. I can now let him go for short periods of time (I have to pay attention to other things, although he is always in the back of my mind in everything I do, I think that is a characteristic of twinflameship).

Answer 6
Yes Alicia, that is just one of the reasons that I would like to spend more time with my twinflame. But this is very difficult in practice. Sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks. And when we do see each other, it is always with other people there. It frustrates me enormously at times.

Answer 7
@ 4: Are you my twinflame? Does it also take you 28 years or are you joking? Pff, spontaneously get hot, the idea that my twinflame could be here too. Would be too good to be true, but I know, life can work in mysterious ways. I have the same as you, most of the time my twinflame and I meet in the early morning hours, when I wake up around 5.00 and then fall asleep again, we are often together in that state. And that is pretty much the only place where we can meet. It’s so nice to be close to him, even if it is just a moment. That makes my day completely good again.

Answer 8
@ 6: I understand that you only want to go with your Soul Love. Therefore keep your eyes and ears well open. Destiny gives you signs when you have the opportunity to approach your Soul Love alone. A matter of patience and trust.

Answer 9
@ 8, yes I also listen very carefully to the signs I get from fate, as you call it. But even then it is almost impossible for us to agree with two people. There are always others. It only happened a few times that we were really alone and that was really nice. Not that something happened but just to be together.

Answer 10
The loss will not diminish. After all, it is your soul’s desire to be united with your twinflame. It is important to continue supporting your twin in its hair change process. Despite the fact that many people on this forum say to let go of him or her. I have a different opinion. You must be able to do it spiritually if, for example, your twin decides to choose a marriage relationship for her instead of the twinflame.
If you cannot let go of this, then releasing the twinflame is the only answer. If you can do that, then your twin will support you in all its hair process, and in due course she / he will get the right insights and make decisions. That is the path of unconditional love.