Q1013. Astral contact with someone else


Can you also have astral contact with someone who is not your twinflame? Could someone also have a far-reaching obsession with another person and start to imagine that he / she is your twinflame when it is not? Very curious about the answers for which we thank you in advance.

Answer 1
When the 1 “seems” to have an obsession, he / she is much further in the twinflame process. The other cannot yet place the feeling and needs longer time to realize that the other is the twinflame. Often it is because that person feels insecure and is not used to someone caring so much about him / her. You can also have astral contact with a ZV (depending on the level).
(Alicia S.)

Answer 2
Everything is of course possible. But when you are truly able to listen purely to your heart, to be honest with yourself, you know whether or not someone for whom you feel a lot is your twinflame. You just know that. And if you are in doubt then you can be sure that it is not. THE characteristic of twinflames is that you know for sure. You feel it in everything. Then the ego can sometimes come and look around to question you, but in the bottom of your heart you know it (both of them!).

Answer 3
As you feel your twinflame over the years, see in images, come across dreams and astral experiences. Then it’s your twinflame forever. It can be very strong, but it can also be on a low burner.

Answer 4
Yes I can, you also learn from other souls who come your way. But I can clearly see that my twinflame is in me.

Answer 5
In a paranormal sense, an obsession is a possession by an entity or its own sub-personality from an earlier life. But you probably mean a delusion. If someone comes through all the time, in images or feelings, it is most likely your twinflame. If it is still another, then you probably have a real obsession and you have to go to the regression therapist. That is something other than astral contact in a dream, we all have it in its time and not just with our twinflame. Even though we are not always aware of that. It is difficult to verify this with the other person, but if you want to know for sure, talking about it is the only way. I wonder if you can get clarity.

Answer 6
Some people who are very open can certainly have astral contact with others, regardless of who or what I think. There are enough examples of people with psychiatric illnesses who hear voices. And if you believe in reincarnation and the survival of the soul after death, all possibilities are open. I know someone who says that the voices in his head come from people who were previously on earth and also from people who have only lived on other planets. So souls that are not in embodiment and that for some reason rely on the energy of a person who is too open? Contact with your twinflame is very different. And almost never ‘compelling’ according to me, confronting though and loving too.

Answer 7
What I have experienced is that strange things happen alongside the twinflame contact and I still have no idea of ​​what it has been like today. Devices that turn off or on spontaneously, for example (doesn’t happen that often anymore). And there was a time when I always woke up at 2 AM and my little one too. What I found scary at one point. As if we were woken up by something. What was completely creepy was that at a certain point my brother-in-law’s new watch stood still for 2 consecutive days at 2 o’clock! When I heard that, I became very scared of everything and I cut off the twinflame contact for a while.

Answer 8
What were you afraid of then?

Answer 9
I was afraid of all inexplicable phenomena. And that I, and especially my little one, often feared that I might be too open to astral ‘contacts’ with entities (had no idea who or what) that might not have favored us.

Answer 10
I understand what you mean answer 9. You can then purify your aura by demanding in prayer, meditation that the entities / persons who are waking up leave, that you break that connection, lovingly but consistently. forever. you can say that you are in charge of your aura, just like your child is over his. then you can thank God, the divine. with that you do not break anything that really belongs to you, only that which you do not do well. you can repeat it several times … hope it helps you. soul lovers do not do these kinds of things together, not consciously, soul love is about positivity, everything else is abuse.