Q1009. Meaningless?


Why do you meet your soul love when the time is apparently not yet ripe? Isn’t that pointless?

Answer 1
Your thoughts make it meaningless. Your soul doesn’t find it meaningless and is there to teach you something. The time is only when you have the feeling that you are the true soul for you. Watch what you say what they hear and see everything up there.

Answer 2
I certainly do not think it is meaningless, but I am now talking about our situation. What do you think is useless exactly? The closer you get to each other, the easier and more difficult I think. More happiness and certainty about the deep feelings for each other and others can be more confrontational with yourself (at least with me) and more impatience.

Answer 3
No, that is not meaningless. Your Soul Love is the one who pushes you into a learning process, whether you want it or not. He or she is there to provide you with unconscious insight into yourself. In that sense, the goal is often not romantic love, but to come very close to yourself. In my case he was suddenly there two years ago and only now do I know that he was there to inspire me to follow my heart. Through him I now face my deepest fears and I know it is time to break those fears and go for my dream! Just like he goes for his. He has shown me that in fact I am very free to become happy. That I am very free to be myself, because I have constant choices. In everything. It’s up to me to make the right choices now and learn from my mistakes. Is that pointless? No, on the contrary!

Answer 4
@ answer 1: wouldn’t they already know it up there? Is it better to say: Yes !!! I met my soul love, but luckily we don’t have to be together? Glad we each have our own relationship, and don’t have to share anything with each other?

@ answer 3 (Bloem): you each walk your own path, do you have contact? If not, don’t you have any problems with that?

Answer 6
@ answer 5: Very occasionally I see him during concerts, but otherwise we have no contact. He clearly avoids that and I leave him alone. I had a lot of trouble with that for a while, so I lost myself in my own fantasies about ‘us’. But finally I am back in touch with reality and I see what is really there. It is very good that he is going to New York for two years. Otherwise the focus would remain on him and now I get all the time and space to do what he has made me realize: make MY dream come true!

Answer 7 Although
I am not Bloem, I am in the same process as her and can say that it is certainly not meaningless. On the contrary. I have never grown as fast as the last two years. The bottom line is that I have become whole in myself, I am happy on my own (even though I do not live alone) and I am no longer dependent on others to feel happy. Not from my twinflame either. However, he taught me this (without knowing it).

Answer 8
You will encounter your Soul Love when you are strong enough in your shoes. Both halves must be at the same level. After the meeting, the transformation process for unconditional love begins. Processing process, acceptance, etc. Only when both have completed the transformation process can an unconditional love take place. Negative thinking = ego!

Answer 9
Yes, I would almost say such a twinflame is useless if you can’t do anything else with it (if you’re already in a relationship). In my personal case I sometimes experience as a block to my leg (sorry) but very often also as a saving angel. I myself do not think that a twinflame is there to teach you something (in my case I do not think he has taught me anything, I have previously taught myself, so I am self-taught), but to receive each other, I think so sooner. Now every twinflame relationship is of course very different and incomparable. So in my case, I think that twinflame is there to take care of each other in more difficult times.

Answer 10
Nothing is meaningless. You start asking yourself questions, it is the start of a fascinating journey. Your own inner journey.