Q1008. How many more?


My twinflame is on all kinds of dating sites, has a regular date and after a failed date he contacts me again. How many girls does he have to date to see that I am the one for him? Will he be reminded of me? Those women are tall, beautiful and slim and I am a fat chubby. How do I know that he is going to think more of me and that he is coming my way?

Answer 1
A twinflame does not always have to come together here on earth. He makes his own choices but it is certain that you come together. Perhaps different in this life in the next life.

Answer 2
Oh dear lady .. I myself am tall and slim .. my twinflame is also on dating sites? Same way and path. Nice chubby lady!

Answer 3
Terrible huh! Your twinflame is likely to have a low profile about himself, which means he needs confirmation from others. In this way your twinflame will gain insight that he belongs to you. He will never get what you have to offer to those other girls! He will only be reminded of you more and he will seek more contact with you. Only when he accepts himself and has hit his nose often enough is it clear to him. When is not to say, it is his past I think.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
Don’t be so anxious and convulsive, just let go and trust. He will come to you. Also, try not to want or claim too much, the more you want, the more your twinflame gets away from you.

Answer 5
@ answer 4: Completely true! Unfortunately I would like to know too much. The other person feels that, even though you have never uttered it verbally. There is a good chance that the other person will feel claimed if you are on top of it. In my case that is, among other things, the reason that my twinflame takes distance. What you have to watch out for are too emotional reactions to situations that go differently than expected. Self-control gives you a powerful appearance and gives you the time to view your emotions from a distance. So yes, letting go is really the best solution.

Answer 6
@ 3; totally agree. That’s why I always say that I am grateful to every woman with whom my twinflame is, because they all bring him a little closer to me. It is sometimes a debilitating process. At the moment I find it very difficult when I think of him and his new sweetheart. Difficult, too, because I see something very different in his eyes, such as the last time we saw each other. But I try to think of him as little as possible and let go of everything. Experience shows that it is then that he tries to contact again.

Answer 7
Questioner: maybe A LOT. Ever thought about it that she doesn’t want an earthly relationship with YOU at all? Why would he have to go your way if he doesn’t want to? It seems that you are putting too many forces into the work that only remove him further from you and, yes, count that he will therefore fall into the arms of someone else.

Answer 8
To Bloem: you are so right about that !! Self-control gives you a very powerful self-assured attitude, a kind of armor that makes you feel confident. You always have to monitor the balance of this immovable armor and a more approachable attitude. My twinflame also often has walls around him and I find that difficult. I myself sometimes protect myself by keeping a distance, but at certain moments I let go and allow it. And he seems to notice that. My twinflame has also had a lot of friends and is still in the dating process. I see it all from a distance and no, it’s not nice, but apparently it is necessary?