Q0998. Which songs bring out deep feelings in you?


I myself have that with certain songs, when I hear them I get goosebumps, I think intensely about my twinflame, and very occasionally I hear one that seems to come from him. A song that has long since touched a sensitive chord is You can go your own way from Fleetwood Mac. It touches me in my heart somehow. What about you?

Antwoord 1
Jason Mraz – I won’t give up
Coldplay – The scientist

Answer 2
From Paul Weller you do something to me deep inside.

Answer 3
Strangely enough I only have someone with whom I once had a ‘normal earthly’ relationship and who went quite deep because he was a soulmate, but all kinds of romantic and unromantic painful songs, of which I had to cry tears and so on , heard on the radio. But since I never met my twinflame anymore, it was over with those romantic and sensitive songs! (from then on I only heard warlike songs such as the Radetzky march and such hahaha!) Funny actually, but it is a good question.

Answer 4
Haha, I regularly wake up with songs idd as if they came from him. These have been many songs and I don’t know if the entire lyrics always apply, but the chorus certainly does. That refers exactly to a certain situation or gives a feeling … These songs were recently: Rod Jane Stewart’s Baby Jane (when I give my heart again I know it’s going to be last forever) and also Sorry seems to be the hardest word of Elton John. Yes, and what you mentioned from Fleetwood Mac I always have something with me! So recognizable.

Answer 5
The song that I listen to a lot is from Waylon lose it. He doubts so much that it drives me crazy, this song really suits him at the moment. We turn around each other and it doesn’t make any progress, I have already made my choice, while he still is.

Answer 6
Empire of the Sun – “We are the People” In the spring of 2011, my soulmate wanted to break the contact. This process lasted 2 weeks and I felt totally helpless because I was stuck between 2 fires. At that time I discovered the issue of ‘We are the People’ by Empire of the Sun. The chorus closely matched my sense of the time. I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me, but I know I’m trying Are you gonna leave me now? Can’t you be believing now? Every time I hear it, I have the rotten feeling of those 2 weeks. The pain is still there … the sorrow too. I don’t know if I’ll ever see or speak to her again. So be it.

Answer 7
A few weeks after the breakup of our band, I saw Believe Me from Fort Minor on his hyves…. The text herein .. so incredibly speaking !! He uploaded this nr wsl because he liked it at the time, but it hit me like a bomb! “… Think back then, We were like one and the same, On the right track, But I was on the wrong train, Just like that ..” “.. Back then, I thought you were just like me, Somebody who could see all the pain I see .. ”and so on. His uploaded nrs confirm to me what I feel about him: anger … resistance …. or acceptance .. a few weeks ago the song of Lykke Li: I Follow You … I know that this meant that he is following me spiritually (he is not yet aware of us, I think) and that confirms that again my feeling that things have changed in recent weeks … it feels different, softer, closer, more loving … there is more soul contact again … and that makes me enormously joyful. Moreover am! I am undeniably proud of him. After all, he still has to turn 18….

Answer 8
Hello – Lionel Richie I already loved you – Volumia Phil Collins – Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) JESUS ​​CHRIST SUPERSTAR – I Don’t Know How To Love Him Still – Lionel Richie Marco Borsato – He Had It want to say Lionel Richie & Trijntje Oosterhuis – Face in Crowd The Babies – every time I think of you

Answer 9
I have a thing with THE script, my twin is from another country and when I lost contact with him at the end of 2007, I went to his country in 2008 to look for him and then I heard THE man who cantate be moved, it described what I feel and would do to find him again, a little later I went back on vacation, the signs led me to the place where I would see him again, here in Brussels where I then remembered the songs that reminded me of him heard more and more and also his name and whatever it was that I felt it 2 months in advance and I felt weird, another person when I felt his energy, calmer and more complete … Unfortunately I wasted that time in Brussels and I am seeing him again. ears, we keep dancing around each other .. But I feel when is near, my guides mainly communicate through songs, so I know by the frequency of the songs how long I will have to wait, the songs are part of the m! agie that I have when I almost see him again, the second time everything and everyone was weird, it was as if we created a large spiritual field that others could feel, then I thought who am you, who am I, very freaky , then at that time I was looking in his country again and everything was geared to us, everyone said weird things and I knew I would see him, the song THE man who cantate be moved played every day and the day that I saw several times of which three times in succession, I was literally crazy. Sometimes there was a song on the radio that gave me goosebumps and that reminds me of him, why I sometimes can’t explain that, but I know you can use those songs as a communication language between you, your guides and your twin … I await everything since I get so many signs, I have not seen him for almost three years now, 5 of which are out of relationship and I hold on but it is very difficult, the ass! closer but no number can stick on it, some of you have gotten this through, that must be very helpful to keep going, right?

Answer 10
When I heard the song from Sophie B Hawkins – Right Beside You, I realized.

Answer 11
The number of Trijntje oosterhuis, written by her father, “Do you know me” .. The entire process in a song, total emotion.

Answer 12
Pfff… I hear from the songs how far twinflames are in their process and when they will contact them. Eighties music that we both love and I was born into.
Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
All For Love – Bryan Adams
Please Forgive Me – Bryan Adams
Everything I Do – Bryan Adams etc, etc.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 13
Jason Mraz – I won’t give up. I Knew I Loved You Bevore I with You from Savage Garden. Hey! Soulsiter from Train. You belog to me I belong to You from anastcia. Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On. Yes and I can continue for a while but with this I have the most, they always come unexpectedly Love.

Answer 14
Sorrow – My love Lana Del Rey – Ride

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