Q0997. I need contact with my twinflame


I also get a bit tired after all those years that I don’t get earthy contact with my twinflame. In our dreams everything is going well now but I think of her every day. And the feeling is getting stronger to want to be with her.

Answer 1
Hi Remco, if I read your questions and answers like this, I think you deserve a little contact with your twinflame. Is there nothing you can do? Talk to her once, for example. Or are you afraid that you will push her away from you? And if you really want a relationship with her, you will have to use heavier equipment, but whatever that is … Anyway, do what you do from love: who doesn’t want to receive love now? Unfortunately, it can mean little to you, except for your strength, success and love!

Answer 2
Dear Questioner, I know what you are feeling – and that is why I am perhaps not the best counselor at the moment. What I can do is wish you lots of strength, lots of success and lots of love, and who knows when the time is right for you to succeed

Answer 3
Years ago I received a rejection of mail contact. Then she wanted nothing to do with me and I had to live my own life, she said. She now has a relationship and a child. I also don’t want to be a burden to her and endanger her relationship. No, I dare not write her a letter anymore. She did call me once to say it’s true. And that she started calling back but that is now 3 years ago or something haha. In our dreams everything goes well and it is fun. We can also have a nice chat or email with each other. Maybe I already mail with her here that could also be.

Answer 4
Answer 1: Do you not earn that contact with your twinflame yourself? In my personal case, I don’t think that my twin z. that deserves. There is still a lot to be adjusted to his behavior. He is on various dating sites, also has regular dates with women, it seems at least once a week. As if he has to prove something, he has a huge ego, it makes me tired.

Answer 5
Answer 1: “heavier equipment” .. Hmmmm … Sounds interesting. Did you also use that to force something or something? Of course you don’t want to share the secret vd smit with us 

Answer 6
I don’t understand that material that way. I have used ancient Indian wisdom to strengthen contact with my twinflame. I can’t give up too much, but it has to do with smoking sacrifices, atoning sacrifices and traveling on the wind. If I may give a tip: let your hair become as long as possible, then you better capture spiritual information from the cosmos. Must say: now that I have conquered her, I don’t really know what to do with it.

Answer 7
The more you think of her, the more she will think of you. If you don’t feel like answering the phone etc, ask energetically if she wants to meet you. Ask her in dreams that you want to see her on that day and place around a certain time. You can also sit somewhere within a kilometer of your twinflame and ask if she will come there by thinking strongly about her. You cannot force it, you will get in touch when the right moment is there. It exists that it does not work the first time (habituation of feeling), but it will work. Do not give up.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 8
Haha, answer 4 I think we (tz and I then) both deserve it and we now know about how we can tackle it. That differs probably for every twinflame couple at a given moment you get that from above. What I also learned was: just listen to your own inner voice and your twinflame. Do not go to a psychic or something. what I did, incidentally, because I was desperately looking for explanations, but I should not have done that (bad advice). And answer 5: I don’t know what that material is. Just know that my twinflame did a few things. Sometimes resembles psychological warfare (which he hates by the way) and he doesn’t even share those secrets with me.

Answer 9
@ 6: how funny, since a few years I have been growing my hair for a very long time, I think it is beautiful. And indeed I experience an increasing sensitivity to information from beyond. I am a bit familiar with shamanism and will see if I can do something with what you say; traveling on the wind and atoning sacrifices.