Q0996. Inner voice, where is that?


My Soul Love regularly talks about having to listen more to ‘my inner voice’. Now I wonder what exactly he means by that: should I listen to my ‘Ego’ or to my ‘Self’? Sticking afterwards I would like to ask: is your Soul Love in your Ego or in your Self?

Answer 1
You feel.
Your ego is in your head and is your internal dialogue. Your ego are your thoughts, so how you think about yourself and about others.

Answer 2
Self I think your twinflame is in your Self. In the meantime I have gained some more insights by reading. Personally, I have come to the following conclusion: the love between you and your twinflame is in your Self. That love is pure and pure, which means that love will never be affected. As long as you remain with yourself with regard to your twinflame, there is no “pulling and pushing” and you no longer want anything. But as soon as you start moving that love to your Ego, the pushing and pulling starts because you want the things that your Ego holds out to you. But your Ego is not your true Self, that is something you have developed as a kind of 2nd nature.

Answer 3
Ego = thinking, Intuition = feeling. Pain that you miss your twinflame, doubt, worry, etc. is all ego. Let go of the negative and you will feel your twinflame in your heart.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
I have a very different experience. I have always succeeded in staying with myself and releasing twinflames. Yet the pushing and pulling has started somewhere and has not stopped. So what happens on the other hand plays just as hard. From 1 side you have no control over it. The process belongs to both twinflames. So there are also 2 egos in the game.

Answer 5
Answer 4: yes, I recognize that; it is very difficult if your twinflame reacts with his Ego and then does not react with your Ego back; for me it is true that with my mind I know very well that it is his ego who reacts that way, but that I cannot (yet) get to respond only with my “Self”.

Answer 6
@ 5 Yes, that is also part of the process that teaches you not to react back with your ego but with yourself, so with love. Regardless of the actions of your twinflame. That is difficult, it asks you with unconditional love to look at him as a whole, with all his plus and minus points. I can do it myself now, it took me years to learn. My twinflame, like every human, also has lesser traits. For example, he can think fairly straightforwardly and come out of the corner. First I became angry (internally) about that, but now I register it, and then see what is behind it, and that he cannot react differently now. And then I feel love. I try to help him energetically to look at the world differently so that he learns to live more from love.

Answer 7 You
must search for your inner voice in your heart. So go look in you with self love. And listen very well because she is very quiet.